“Office” furniture…at Home

I used to have Knoll Flat Bar Brno chairs around my dining table…and  because I think they are so beautiful, it always amazed me when someone who was at my house for the first time would inevitably ask why I had office chairs in my dining room.  Oy Vey!

Fast forward 10 years and although the Brno chairs are gone (I sold them to a client) my house is still a mix of “office furniture” and what one would traditionally categorize as residential furniture.  That juxtaposition of both is what, in my opinion, makes my space a reflection of me.  I love the modern classics and at the same time find myself drooling over a traditional chesterfield sofa..so, in my own house, I’ve decided not to assign labels or function to furniture or lighting…

I think I might need the HM Eiffel chair for my bathroom!

Bathroom: Eames Eiffel Chair

Dining and Living Room: Herman Miller

Dining Room: Herman Miller - Eames molded plywood chairs

Repurposed File Cabinet (from DesignSponge)

Living Room: Pedestal File Cabinet as End Table (from Apartment Therapy)

File Cabinet as a Nightstand


Dining room: Eames Aluminum Group Chairs and Knoll Saarinen Table



Dining Room: Knoll Brno Chairs - from Met Home

Living Room: Swan Chair and Knoll Mies Day Bed

Living Room: The Bob Chair from Coalesse

Dining Room: Emeco Navy Chair

Bedroom: Tolomeo Task Light as a Bedside Lamp

Living Room: Knoll Brno and Day Bed

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3 Responses to “Office” furniture…at Home

  1. Michelle says:

    Do you have plans to show your home through your posts? I’m loving your posts but it’s been a while and I would LOVE to see what’s inspiring you these days! Xoxo

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