Designing with Steel

Having just recently specified Hot Rolled Steel for a restaurant project …I found myself curious about other ways that steel is being used as a finish material.  So, I did what I do best…and scoured the internet for information and images…  Here are a few things I discovered:

Hot Rolled Steel:

  • Hot rolled steel is formed to shape while it is red-hot then allowed to cool. Since red-hot steel shrinks as it cools, the final product is not perfectly uniform. The surface of the metal is slightly rough and the thickness may vary a few thousandths of an inch; as a result, metal work which is structural only is commonly done with hot-rolled steel.Cold Rolled:
  • Cold rolled steel is made by passing cold steel material through heavy rollers which compress the metal to it’s final shape and dimension. The result is a very uniform, smooth surfaced product. Cold rolled steel is suited for steel products such as railings or machinery which will be painted .
  • Five Twenty Two Industries – out of Oakland California:  They specialize in Architectural Steel and furniture as well as Structural work and can work with Stainless Aluminum mild steel and bronze.

    Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace Surround

    Tiburon Handrail Bracket in Hot Rolled Steel

    Modernist Countertop

    Hot Rolled Steel CountertopsOriginally Posted in the NYT in October -this modernist house features Hot Rolled Counters and Shelf Lumber for an economic yet chic kitchen. Decorative Metal Arts out of Seattle is a custom metal fabrication shop creating custom furniture and architectural metalwork for residences and businesses.Hot Rolled Conference Table Top

    Media Cabinet

    Hot Rolled Steel Media Center

    Detail of Media Center

    Flux Design out of Portland Oregon

    Library Shelving

    The sides are clad with hot-rolled steel plate and all the vertical seams were fully welded and ground to a clean, crisp edge.




    I ran across this cool steel stair when browsing a website called




    From Unica Home – The Henry table which is a dark stained oak top with blackened steel base.


    And of course, the most beautiful steel windows and doors…Hope’s Steel Window and Doors

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