I’m Obsessed: Military Blankets

Military Blankets:  When it comes to Utilitarian Chic, you can’t beat a vintage military blanket…they are earthy, graphic, warm , and rich with history.

Woolrich Civil War Blankets:  Civil War blankets were made by Woolrich and supplied to troops from 1861–1865. Today, historical groups and movie studios purchase bolts of Woolrich fabric to create authentic uniforms and blankets for re-enactments of this important period of American history.

Pillows made from Military Blankets…Elizabeth Anne Designs


This blanket is the real deal…70% wool blanket , olive green with the US logo.  Buy on ebay for about $25!


Italian Wool Military Blanket


Vintage Military Blanket from Etsy

Swiss Army Blanket from Etsy

Swiss Army Blanket from Sundance


Vintage Swiss Military Blankets – recycled into Pillows….from Daisy Janie and available on Etsy


Mid-century Office Chair w/ Swiss Army Blanket Upholstery from Red Barn Mercantile on 1St Dibs


Ace Hotel Portland – So chic with the grey wool military blanket.


Vintage WWII US Navy Wool Blanket – from Etsy


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2 Responses to I’m Obsessed: Military Blankets

  1. J&J says:

    I was just googling vintage wool blankets and I found your site. I’m loving that Italian Military Blanket. I’m thinking of recovering my mid century dining chairs with them. Have you actually seen any of them. I’m wondering about the texture. I’m obsessing right now.

    • mliebling says:

      Thanks for the comment! I actually own a vintage wool blanket and to be honest, it’s a bit “scratchy.” So, for upholstery, I think you’d have to just search until you found one with the right texture…
      Good Luck!

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