Workplace: More Cool Office Design

I love to browse the photos on the website Office Snapshots…

Etsy Offices – Office Snapshots.

Big, open, and expansive with lots of light. The Etsy office also features a number of crafty (homemade) items around the space to give it a less industrial feel. Huge mushroomy lamps that look make it seem like you are walking in a tapestry forest tend to do that. They also have small workstations for employees in a very open area, but the desks themselves seem to be quite a bit different from each other.



One & Co. Offices – from Office Snapshots

When given the opportunity to simplify, some companies can be too extreme in limiting items for the sake of minimalism, though in doing so, they eliminate many functional elements needed in a working office. One & Co seems to have a wonderful balance of form and function. The space looks beautiful, but it also has kept the necessities of industrial design


Yelp, one of the internet’s most popular destinations for restaurant ratings, recently moved into an old financial services office which needed some work to be compatible with the vision of the company. For starters, they hired Studio O+A and their sister company Pod Office to make the space inhabitable for the company’s numerous employees.



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