Workplace – Corporate America is Cooler than you think!

MidFirst Bank’s private-banking and executive office in Scottsdale, Arizona—the first project completed by Rottet Studio’s satellite in the resortlike Phoenix suburb.

Photos from Interior Design Magazine:  Hole in One – 2009-10-01 04:00:00 | Interior Design

Panduit – designed by Gensler Chicago – Photos by Christopher Barrett




Selected works from Clive Wilkinson:

Clive Wilkinson Architects

NYC Law Office


Successful design marries the past with the present. Perhaps the same can be said for a successful ad campaign. Regardless, it's what Interior Design Hall of Fame member Clive Wilkinson did at this advertising and communications graduate school.

Inspired by the ideas that drive the mad world of New York advertising, the 250,000-square-foot Midtown Manhattan headquarters of JWT comprises five open-plan floors punctuated by vignettes, events, poems, and encounters. Interior Design Hall of Fame member Clive Wilkinson made spectacular use of the vertical space by combining a 32-foot-tall atrium lobby with a concrete-treaded flying staircase and ovular meeting spaces enclosed by drywall or acoustically padded vinyl

Clive Wilkinson Architects

Studio Tractor Architecture – NY

NYC Law Office

Law Office

Law Office

Photos from Architonic




Hyatt HQ in Chicago - designed by SOM


Hyatt Headquarters – Chicago Because Hyatt is one of the world’s largest hotel and hospitality companies, hospitality informed the design to a large extent. The lobby of the building is treated almost like a hotel lobby, where people stand at the front desk and greet visitors by name when they arrive. Because Hyatt invented the concept of the hotel atrium, SOM incorporated a multi-story atrium space that reinforces the company’s core values and brand image, while also facilitating vertical communication between the different departments and company businesses. The liberal use of wood and other classic materials creates a zen-like atmosphere that speaks directly to Hyatt’s history of warm hospitality.

Hyatt HQ



LSM Offices in Washington DC

Lehman Smith McLeish


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